Human Resources Management & strategy

The objectives are achieved thanks to the synergy of all internal resources and collaborators, just what allows to realize and generate goal profits.

Organization of inadequate human resources slows down the process of growth and away from the enterprise objectives, often dispersing precious energy. 

Kintetsu World Express in just three months has been able to optimize its internal resources, to strengthen its business and to reduce Human Resources Management costs!

Kintetsu World Express

The Kintetsu World Express is a multinational company operating in the field of air and Ocean Expeditions, domestic and foreign, and offices around the world and in different Italian cities like Rome, Milan, Pisa, Avezzano and Magliano nei Marsi.

Until three months ago, staff management was entrusted to an outdated system with many manual steps and with no interest in strategic analysis, partial and fragmented information, sometimes with human error, the dispersion of efforts in personnel management was likely to slow its growth impacting negatively on productivity.

The effective solution was identified using the software M@Work HR Solution with outsourcing of employees’ attendance.

How does the M@Work software?

Thanks to a careful analysis of the work and the use of the M@Work software processes, HR managers of Kintetsu World Express have been able to strengthen the control of activities in the face of an outsourced service (services and support activities to business management), this facilitated management of shifts and staff attendance. Besides the technological innovation of the M@Work platform has enabled the development of a centralized network for monitoring of staff costs, it has facilitated internal and computerized communications major document flows related to HR management.

The attendance management outsourcing service weekly and monthly checks all the anomalies found by the supervisors, updates the data in real time and provides the guarantee of continuous monitoring activities.

Thus HR managers thanks to the cloud platform can now monitor the claims of employees, communicating through service provisions, share events and distribute documents with a few clicks

Across every employee has access in its reserved area to interact with their contacts at a distance, and control their entitlements independently, make or deliver the documentation, make requests.

The flow of admissions is transmitted electronically to the study of labor consultancy for processing payroll, without possibility of error, and ensures the integrity of the recorded information, all with a considerable saving of time!

M@Work is a software that allows companies to develop, in terms of organization, advanced systems for Human Resources Management.

Our experience, and continuing education, is the guarantee of a concrete contribution to the organization and optimization of processes related to personnel management.

The Kintetsu World Express was the first company to use this service reaching an excellent consolidation and an excellent result in just 3 months.

Our strategy:
+Optimization of resources
-Less Operating expenses
>Greater Business Control
=Consolidation, growth and productivity

M@Work is a Sync-Line Software Studio service.
We are willing to show you how it works.

Human Resources Management